Monday, May 4, 2009

Con of the Dead

This story is set in the continuity of George A. Romero's remarkable, out-of-copyright, Night of the Living Dead. Please, if you enjoy this story, support Romero's work.

Jason: Why did you need me to meet you here, in a phone booth, with as many reusable grocery bags as I could carry?
George: We're going to be rich. Wayne tipped me off. Just a few miles west of here, he came across a shipping yard full of trucks.
Jason: So?
George: So these trucks are semi-trailers filled, front to back, top to bottom with diamonds.
Jason: And?
George: And Wayne is going to drive one out to the parking lot that we're standing in, where we look like we're waiting for a phone call, and we're going to fill our bags up with diamonds.
Jason: What are we going to do with bags full of diamonds? Start a jewelery store?
George: Diamonds are like money, Jason! Filling these bags with diamonds is like filling them with cash.
Jason: I'm sure my grocer will accept them.
George: Hey, why do you have a gun?
Jason: Haven't you heard about the reanimated corpses?
George: That's just a hoax some college kids in Pennsylvania came up with. I can't believe you bought it.
Jason: I don't think it's a hoax, George.
George: Right. Walking, flesh-hungry corpses is totally believable. And of course, believably, reports of these reanimated bodies would start in one location and then, all of a sudden, come from everywhere. Those are copycats, Jason!
Jason: Well, the whole thing makes me uncomfortable.
George: You can go into hiding as soon as we get the diamonds from Wayne.
Jason: Oh, thank you Master George!
George: Shut up. Look! Here he comes!
Jason: Why is he going so fast?
George: Why is the trailer open and empty?
Jason and George (together): He set us up!
Jason: He's fucking dead!
George: What?
Jason: Look at that crash! Look at him stumbling toward us! George! He lured us out here, away from our cars so he could eat our flesh!
George: Sure he did.
Jason: George, shut up and run. My car is less than a mile away, but I only have six bullets.
George: Fine.