Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Reluctant Pornstar Finds Herself in the Land of Opportunity

She thought it would start raining any minute. She hoped it would.

I shouldn't be doing this, she thought.

"Come on," he urged. "What are you waiting for?"

The rain to save me, she thought as she hesitated. He continued, "Look at your friend! She's got her titties out!"

"Okay," she muttered as she stretched the neck of her shirt down around the curves of her breast to just past the nipples.

"Alright!" the pornographer exclaimed. "Here's two hundred bucks for each of you. If you want to earn a couple thousand, follow me."

Her friend, Ell, followed without hesitation, leaving her with limited options. She could follow Ell and go with the pornographer, or she could wait alone on a back road in the rain until Ell came back. Or she could try to walk or hitch a ride somewhere.

She grabbed Ell's hand and joined her friend who was so enamored by this particular pornographer that she hadn't bothered to put her shirt back on before taking his lead.

When they arrived at the pornographer's van, his accomplice leaped from the passenger seat and opened the rear door, revealing cages.

In some of the cages were women. She felt the accomplice's hands around her waist as he lifted her into a cage and the pornographer lifted Ell into another, latching the cages and shutting the door.

From inside her cage, she could see Ell and some of the other women. She could also see the men in the front seats, and the men could see the women.

"Feel free to fingerfuck!" the accomplice called back.

"Feel free to fuck yourself!" a woman replied.

Ell was still topless and still wearing a goofy smile. How could she still be interested in a guy who put her in a cage? she mused frustratedly.

After a surprisingly short drive, the van stopped and the women were released into what seemed to be a well-to-do suburban neighborhood. What? she wondered. Why would they take us here?

She noticed she was holding Ell's hand again as the pornographer took Ell by her other hand. "Ladies, you," he announced, "are free to explore. This is the Land of Opportunity. We saw potential in here, so we brought you here. If you want to leave you're going to have to find your own ways out."

Shit, she thought. Ell didn't seem to mind.

The pornographer took them to a house where she saw a king-sized bed and cameras in the front room.

"A cab back to your car will cost about $400," he explained as he closed the door, "so you can get back with what I paid you, but you'll be right back where you started.

"On the other hand, if you make out, I'll give you each another $500."

Before she could even think about what to do, she had her topless friend Ell's tongue in her mouth. She felt hands cupping her breasts and glanced aside to see that a few of the other women from the cages had followed them into this bedlivingroom house.

The pornographer slipped a McKinley to each woman between her respective belt and body.

"Before we go any further," he calmly said while adjusting a camera on a tripod, "I need each of you to tell me your name, your age, and that you want to make movies with us for $2000 apiece."

"My name is Dors Williams," she was surprised to hear herself say, "I'm 22 years old, and I want to make movies with you for $2000 apiece."

She would definitely need to watch the video later. She had no idea what happened, but she was naked, sweaty, sore, and surrounded by nudity and sexual fluids. The pornographer also naked, sweaty, sore, and clearly spent as he distributed money to the other performers, $2000 apiece, as promised.

"Each of you is under a filmed verbal contract to shoot at least one more performance with us," he explained, smirking as he continued to perform his payroll, "because each of you said 'movies' in the plural. After your second film, you will have an option to join us in a salaried position, you can continue with your freelance freelove, or you can make your way out of the Land of Opportunity. You can do whatever the fuck you want after you shoot your follow-up with us."

What the hell, she thought. I'm in too deep to worry about being ashamed. I came to South Beach with Ell to get away from my job for a week, but now I'm starting a new career. She was getting a little more excited in spite of herself. I hear Van Nyuns is nice all year long, or I could stay in South Beach.

As Ell watched her friend think, she smirked at Dors. Ell also slid her finger along the pornographer's buttcrack and whispered something into his ear.